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Some Benefits Of LASIK Compared To Wearing Glasses Or Contacts

Getting laser eye surgery is one of the things that you might be considering if you are dealing with vision issues. If you are looking to get corrective eye surgery, you might be interested in some of the benefits of LASIK compared to wearing glasses or contacts.

Benefits Of LASIK:

1. Long-Term.

One of the major benefits that you will be able to get from the LASIK procedure is the ability to get something that offers long-term potential. With LASIK eye surgery, you will be able to get long-term vision correction whereas glasses and contacts don’t offer the same potential. If you rely on glasses and contacts, you will have to continue to wear them to experience the same vision correction. Learn more at

2. Peace Of Mind.

With LASIK, you are going to be able to have peace of mind that you simply cannot get with other eye corrective measures. When you rely on glasses and contacts to correct your vision, you will be out of luck without them on you. This means that you have to constantly worry about bringing them along with you and hoping you don’t misplace them or damage them. With LASIK, you have the peace of mind knowing that you will be able to have optimal vision no matter what.

3. Risking Infection.

Another major benefit that you are going to be able to enjoy when you opt for LASIK is the ability to avoid having to worry about the potential for eye infections with contacts. Contacts involve touching your eye and the contacts which can transmit bacteria to your eyes. This can put you at an increased risk of suffering from an infection which you will be able to successfully avoid by getting a LASIK procedure done.

4. It Can Really Boost Your Confidence.

Another major benefit that you can get from getting LASIK surgery is the ability to maximize your confidence. A lot of people might be self-conscious about wearing glasses or the way they look with glasses on. With LASIK, you will be able to go on about your daily life without having to wear glasses which might give you the boost in confidence that you need.

5. Potential For Long Term Savings.

Believe it or not, but LASIK can actually offer long term potential cost savings. While the break-even point is certainly not within a couple of years, if you are someone that regularly purchases contacts and/or glasses, you will experience cost savings eventually.

In the end, LASIK offers plenty of benefits over wearing glasses or contacts. Not only will the procedure allow you to correct your vision to optimal levels, but you should be able to experience long term savings eventually and gain the peace of mind of knowing that you have good all-around vision without having to worry about bringing your glasses or contacts along with you. While the surgery does come with the potential for risks, they are worth it when you factor in all of the benefits listed above that the procedure comes with.

Roof Types And Materials To Choose From

When it comes to roofing a house, homeowners have plenty of choices to pick. Whether you are retrofitting your existing house or building a new one, choosing the best roof and materials to use can be a daunting task. Roofs go beyond the basic function of covering the house and protecting the occupants from external elements. They also define the overall look of the house, make your home energy efficient and weather-proof. Further, roofs also provide extra living space that may be used for various purposes.

Wondering what roof to choose for your new house or for the replacement of the present one? Here are roofs you can opt to achieve a good look and functionality:

1. Gable Roof

Gable roofs are also called peaked or pitched roofs and are easy to recognize from their triangular shape. This roof goes well with most architectural designs and helps in shedding water. What’s more, they provide extra space for the attic, which can be converted to a habitable room. These roofs are easy to design, and therefore make building easier and cheaper as compared to other roofs. Learn more from a top roofer Dial One Roofing.


Gable roofs can be covered using almost every material used in roofing. These include cedar shakes, asphalt shingles, metal, concrete or clay tiles, and even solar tiles.

2. Hip Roof

Hip roofs have slopes on all the four sides, which are of equal lengths and all converge at the top forming a ridge. They are more stable compared to gable roofs since the four sides of the roof make it sturdy. This also contributes to the durability of the roof. They are therefore common in areas that experience strong winds and in snowy areas. The slant of hip roofs helps in draining water and in the easy sliding of snow to avoid build-up.


Just as gable roofs, hip roofs can be made using almost all types of roofing materials, including shingles, metals, solar tiles, and concrete tiles.

3. Gambrel Roof

Also known as a barn roof, the gambrel roof has two different slopes. The lower side of a gambrel roof has an almost vertical slope, while the other has a gentler slope. This roof is common in farmhouses, on top of barns, and log cabins. They are also highly adopted in Georgian and Dutch Colonial home styles


The material used for this roof mainly depends on the style of the house. Wood, slate shingles, asphalt shingles, and metal are all used to finish gambrel roofs.

4. Mansard roof

It is four-sided roof characterized by a low-pitched flat section at the top, which is formed by the double sloping of each side of the roof. This roof can assume various silhouettes, including convex, concave and straight-angle. Since mansard roofs provide extra living space, it is essential to consider windows during roofing.


With the unique design, mansard roofs are better finished with unique roofing materials. Metals such as copper and zinc can be used for steep sides of the roof. Slate or wood shingles can also be used to make the roof standout.

Homeowners looking to roof their houses or renovate their current roof may adopt various roofs, including a gable, hip, gambrel or even a mansard roof. Wood or slate shingles, concrete or clay bricks, metals, and tiles are all materials that are used in roofing.

7 Things Portland, Oregon Is Known For

Every city has things they are known for, and this includes Portland, Oregon. Whether you have been there before or you have only heard of it in passing, it is always interesting to take a moment to consider things that make this place unique.

1. Beer

Portland is home to many breweries and there is no way that anyone should head to the city without sampling at least a few. This would be like going to Texas and refusing to eat BBQ. There are hundreds of craft beers available all over the city, so everyone should be able to find at least one that fits their taste.

2. Coffee

Sure, it is not Seattle, but that does not mean that you cannot find a great cup of coffee within the city limits. The freshly brewed coffee is almost as abundant as the beer. Make sure that you try some of the special roasts if you are in the area.

3. Food Carts

There are several cities across the nation where you are likely to run into a great food cart and Portland is one of them. From Asian delights to German grub, there is no shortage of options. In fact, there are more than 500 choices; there is literally something for everyone.

4. Adult Entertainment

If you are in the Stumptown neighborhood, there are many adult entertainment venues there to hold your attention, if that is your idea of a great time. The dancers at these places are fully nude and you can order any type of liquor you want off the menu. This may seem like something less than savory to share about a city, but the people who live there do not think of it as a big deal.

5. Vegan Establishments

People who live a vegan lifestyle would be happy to know that Portland is a mecca for animal-free businesses. There are not only vegan restaurants located all over the city, but it is actually possible to find other kinds of businesses, like lodging and fitness centers that are completely vegan as well.

6. Powell’s City Of Books

This place is so huge that it deserved its own entry on this list. It is the largest independent bookstore in the whole world and it is located in Portland. With 9 rooms that are home to more than 1 million books, it is a reader’s paradise.

7. Ice Cream

There are many ice cream shops in the area and you can find typical flavors, like coffee and vanilla, as well as those that are more unique, like pear & blue cheese. If you are craving a sweet (or savory), cold treat and you are in Portland, there is no shortage of places to go.

As you can tell, there is so much about this city that makes it different from anyplace else. From great eats and drinks to finding every book title you can imagine to spending time at meat-free places, Portland offers treasures for all kinds of people.

Welcome To Portland, Oregon

Nestled in a lush green Pacific Northwest valley at the confluence of two major rivers—the Willamette and the Columbia—with the majestic white-capped Mt. Hood in the distance, Portland’s scenic landscapes are matched by its vibrant, artistic and beer-loving residents. Situated in the perfect spot an hour from both the mountains and the coast, Portland has ample opportunities for the outdoorsy, from great hiking and biking to kayaking to skiing. And, while outdoor activities abound, the cityscape itself is sure to impress with its gracefully arching bridges connecting the two unique sides of the river, offering visitors everything from high-end shops to edgy record stores and vegan cafes.

The two diverse sides of the river also offer guests unique and varied choices for Portland hotel accommodations, which range from high-end boutique hotels in the Pearl to chain motels and quaint bed and breakfasts. There are even a handful of hostels in Portland, where you can find adventurous and independent travelers escaping refuge in this northwestern utopia.

Repeatedly voted as one of the most livable cities in the nation, Portland is also home to friendly people who seem to love the great public transportation system, lots of parks, beautiful gardens, sustainable living, and green businesses. In fact, the city is so accessible without a car that visitors don’t have to worry about renting one after getting their flight to Portland International Airport (PDX), and will find ample ways to get around the city between the light rail Max, streetcar and extensive bus system.

The city is also chock-full of great local foods, which you can wash down with a fresh Oregon brewed beer, a glass of Willamette Valley wine or a good old Northwestern cup o’ joe. As a result of access to so many great, local products, the city is also burgeoning a dynamic and interesting culinary scene in which local chefs and restaurants are starting to receive national attention.

Portland: The Good & The Bad

If you’re thinking about moving to Portland, here are a few things that make Portland the best city around:

  • 1 hour from both the breathtaking Oregon coast and majestic Mt Hood
  • Over 200 parks, including Forest Park (the largest wilderness park within city limits in the US)
  • bike lanes and bike boxes galore
  • the gorgeous Willamette River crossed by 11 bridges
  • recycling, green etc
  • amazing farmers markets
  • more breweries within city limits than any other city in world
  • it’s hard to get a bad cup of coffee in this town
  • Over 200 food carts
  • cheap [brilliant] eats
  • cheap pub theaters where you can get pizza and a beer and watch a $4 movie.
  • artists/DIY scene – not like a major metropolitan city — Portland is more like Etsy to New York’s MoMA
  • indie music heaven
  • public transit options: MAX light rail, bus, streetcar, tram
  • Oregon wine – yep we have that too

So you probably already knew all that. It’s why you want to move here. So what’s the downside to this gorgeous city?

The rain.
Yes, Portland is the brunt of weather jokes. Ten years ago, if I said “Portland”, you’d have probably said “rain”. These days, you might mention one of the many reasons to love the city instead. Regardless, Portland rain is not a laughing matter. Some new residents underestimate how bad a little bit of drizzle can be, and if you’re coming from a climate that rain is either or a downpour or day or two of rain replaced with blue skies and sunshine, the rainy season may come as a bit of a shock.

So what to expect? Between November-ish and June-ish, Portland weather is “rainy”, which can mean fog, drizzle, downpour, cloudy, grey or all of the above. It’s not the typical rain you think of where the sky dumps a bucket a water and then resumes with it’s day — instead it’s just a general lack of sunshine, day after day after day.

Lack of diversity
Let’s admit it, Portland does not have the same multi-cultural diversity that most major cities have, even big sister Seattle. So while Portland continues to attract well-educated, young white professionals, the lack of diversity is definitely noticed by their non-white counterparts.