Every city has things they are known for, and this includes Portland, Oregon. Whether you have been there before or you have only heard of it in passing, it is always interesting to take a moment to consider things that make this place unique.

1. Beer

Portland is home to many breweries and there is no way that anyone should head to the city without sampling at least a few. This would be like going to Texas and refusing to eat BBQ. There are hundreds of craft beers available all over the city, so everyone should be able to find at least one that fits their taste.

2. Coffee

Sure, it is not Seattle, but that does not mean that you cannot find a great cup of coffee within the city limits. The freshly brewed coffee is almost as abundant as the beer. Make sure that you try some of the special roasts if you are in the area.

3. Food Carts

There are several cities across the nation where you are likely to run into a great food cart and Portland is one of them. From Asian delights to German grub, there is no shortage of options. In fact, there are more than 500 choices; there is literally something for everyone.

4. Adult Entertainment

If you are in the Stumptown neighborhood, there are many adult entertainment venues there to hold your attention, if that is your idea of a great time. The dancers at these places are fully nude and you can order any type of liquor you want off the menu. This may seem like something less than savory to share about a city, but the people who live there do not think of it as a big deal.

5. Vegan Establishments

People who live a vegan lifestyle would be happy to know that Portland is a mecca for animal-free businesses. There are not only vegan restaurants located all over the city, but it is actually possible to find other kinds of businesses, like lodging and fitness centers that are completely vegan as well.

6. Powell’s City Of Books

This place is so huge that it deserved its own entry on this list. It is the largest independent bookstore in the whole world and it is located in Portland. With 9 rooms that are home to more than 1 million books, it is a reader’s paradise.

7. Ice Cream

There are many ice cream shops in the area and you can find typical flavors, like coffee and vanilla, as well as those that are more unique, like pear & blue cheese. If you are craving a sweet (or savory), cold treat and you are in Portland, there is no shortage of places to go.

As you can tell, there is so much about this city that makes it different from anyplace else. From great eats and drinks to finding every book title you can imagine to spending time at meat-free places, Portland offers treasures for all kinds of people.